Microchip is our organically produced Silicic acid, which is the general name for a family of chemical compounds containing the element silicon attached to oxide and hydroxyl groups. This family of compounds has the general formula [SiOx(OH)4-2x]n. Some simple silicic acids have been identified, but only in very dilute aqueous solution, such as metasilicic acid (H2SiO3), orthosilicic acid (H4SiO4, pKa1=9.84, pKa2=13.2 at 25 °C), disilicic acid (H2Si2O5), and pyrosilicic acid (H6Si2O7); however in the solid state these condense to form polymeric silicic acids of complex structure.

Silicic acid is created near the ocean's surface, by the process of hydration. It is carried into the abyssopelagic by falling water in the poles. Uncontrolled build-up of silicic acid in the ocean is naturally checked – although human influence can upset this natural regulation. It is primarily removed by conversion to silicon dioxide and water. In the oceans, silicon exists primarily as orthosilicic acid (H4SiO4), and its biogeochemical cycle is regulated by the group of algae known as the diatoms. These algae polymerize the silicic acid to so-called biogenic silica, used to construct their cell walls (called frustules). Microchip is the only organic version of silicic acid on the market.

Microchip provides plants with bio available silicic acid, which helps to build strong cell wall structure, high mineral uptake and powerful immune functions against root disease and above soil molds and fungi.

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