B-29 delivers SUPER RESULTS and SAVES the grower money. A grower would normally need to purchase several products to obtain the all the benefits found in B-29.

B-29 has been scientifically designed to help plants grow to their full genetic potential. B-29 contains a proprietary blend of multiple plant extracts, seaweed and natural B complex vitamins. These plant extracts provide a wide range of plant stimulants such as amino acids, carbohydrates, humates, enzymes, naturally occurring growth hormones, minerals and a range of vitamins which will enhance a plant's growth from plant initiation to flowering and fruiting stage.B-29 is not a fertilizer and should be used in conjunction with a regular fertilizer feeding schedule.

B-29 will provide plants with the following benefits:

*Increases the bio-availability of plant nutrients
*Increases root growth and strengthens the entire root system
*Increase plants tolerance of plant stress
*Enhances photosynthesis
*Improves the taste and quality of fruits and vegetables
*Increases the general health and vitality of plants
*Increases the growth rates

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