Why do I need to add a carbon product to my fertility program? And what is DIFFERENT about Carburator from ALL other products on the market?

First, we must learn a little about the importance of carbon in plant nutrition.

The purpose of fertilization is to feed soil microorganisms, enrich the soil and supply essential nutrients, which supports the growth and development of plants. Providing a carbon source in fertility programs REDUCES plants and beneficial soil microorganisms’ energy expenditure in seeking out the carbon required for the growth and development.

Plants require specific carbon sources in order to utilize both nitrogen and phosphates. Nitrogen MUST be combined with hydrogen, oxygen and CARBON. In order to form the proteins required to develop new plant tissues. Plant growth hormones are forms of protein, which also requires CARBON to form carboxylic acids needed for their formation. Dr. Arden Anderson has commented: “Nitrogen alone does not constitute protein or guarantee its eventual participation in protein molecule. The other building block, the carbohydrates, plus the phosphate catalyst, must be present with the nitrogen, thus the addition of carbohydrate to fertilizer. The phosphate cycle (which requires carbohydrates) is the primary driving catalyst in all living things and is essential for photosynthesis.

Carbon and more specifically carbon in the form of specific sugars are in essential component of the phosphate cycle and may increase the effectiveness of phosphate by as much as 100 time over using phosphate alone. Carbon in and of itself, is the element that conveys life to all things. Carbon is the energy storehouse for all biological systems. The greater the amount of biologically active carbon, the greater the energy reserves for the plants. Additionally, in agricultural applications, carbon buffers the soil, improves soil tilth and increases the nutrient and water holding capacity of soil.

Carburator provides a wide array of complex and simple sugars which:

  • Enhances the blooming and fruiting phase of a plants development
  • Provides a readily available form of carbon which feeds beneficial bacteria and fungi
  • Enhances the taste and aroma of fruits, herbs and vegetables
  • Increases the biological availability of phosphates
  • Increases calcium availability and absorption by plants


  • Increases cell to cell communication within plant.
  • Improves nutrient uptake and assimilation into plant tissues
  • Increase tissue regeneration and cell replication
  • Increase the quantity, size and shelf life of a harvested product
  • Induces flowering
  • Stimulates plant production of hormones responsible for root formation. Stem growth. Fruit formation and development.

Carburator is a product light years ahead of the competition.

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