Lacewing BE is a safe, environmentally friendly, all-natural insecticide. Lacewing BE has undergone extensive trials to meet the needs and concerns of both hobbyists and commercial growers.

Lacewing BE kills spider mites and their eggs. Lacewing BE is also effective in killing thrips, fungus gnats, whitefly and aphids. Lacewing BE also contains humic acid and a scientifically formulated compost tea which acts to strengthen and feed plants that are under stress when insects attack them. Many growers are reporting that their plants look healthier and stronger after using Lacewing BE. Lacewing BE is gentle and will not burn plants, even when applied when the lights are on or in full day light.

Lacewing BE is a contact killer. In order to be maximally effective, complete coverage of the leaf foliage and stems of the plants is required. When plants are heavily infested, spraying Lacewing BE two days in a row with two days off is the most effective cycle. Repeat the cycle until the infestation is under control. As a preventative, Lacewing BE can be sprayed once a week.

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