Hydroplane A

Fertilizer part A of a complete two part Hydroponic nutrient formula! 

Hydroplane B

Fertilizer part B of a complete two part Hydroponic nutrient formula!

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Hydroplane is a complete, organic based, two part fertilizer program that can be used at all stages of a plants growth. Hydroplane can be used in Hydroponic systems, standard nursery soil mixes, coco coir, rockwool and garden soils. Hydroplane is an extremely concentrated formula and even when used at full strength, most of our successful growers are only usiing 15 ml (1 tsp.) of A and 15 ml (1 tsp.) B per gallon of water. When mixing the A and B formulas into water, maintain a nutrient solution pH of 5.8 to 6.8. Shake thoroughly before dispersing the nutrient concentrate.

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