Budd-Wizer is a true, one of a kind product that will improve your growing experience! Bloom/Flowering/Budding Nutrient supplement.

Commercial Flower Growers have known for years how to improve the quality of their potted flowers. Through the manipulation of light, temperature and carbon dioxide levels, these growers have learned how to transition plants from a vegetative growing phase to a flowering phase.

Along with changes in the growing environment, commercial growers induce flowering by making changes to the plants feeding schedule and changing the nutrient ratios of the plant feed. Furthermore, with the addition of specific bio-chemical compounds, commercial growers are able to produce, under acres of greenhouses, millions of flowers which are uniformly compact and bushy with many more flowers and flower sites than flowers grown without these specific biochemical inputs. The trouble with these bio-chemical compounds is they are HIGHLY PHYTOTOXIC and should NEVER be used to treat plants that have a human end use.

Budd-Wizer is a proprietary formula which mimics the flower inducing characteristics of the biochemical complexes used by commercial growers WITHOUT the phytotoxicity. When used as directed Budd-Wizer will help your plants during the flowering phase become, thicker, bushier and produce more flowers and flower sites. Furthermore, Budd-Wizer will increase the chlorophyll production of the plant, increase the thickness of stems and leaves and improve the general quality of the plant. Budd-Wizer is meant to be used as a soil drench or in hydroponic solutions which are applied to the root systems of the plants.

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