Blossom Rocket is a proprietary flower enhancing formula to be used in conjunction with a regular fertilizer formula. Help your plants blast off to new worlds with Blossom Rocket! Bloom/Flowering/Budding Nutrient supplement. Blossom Rocket comes in a powder form.

Most of the “hydro industry” is geared toward dramatically increasing Phosphorous and Potassium during the flowering phase of the plant growth cycle. Adding more Phosphorous and Potassium during the flowering phase, it is believed, will increase the number and quality of flowers. However, just adding more Phosphorous and Potassium to a nutrient solution will not improve results by themselves. Leaf tissue analysis shows conclusively, the “extra” Phosphorous and Potassium fertilizer accumulates in the plant tissues unconverted to plant tissues or other biochemical complexes utilized by plants for energy and growth. In other words, just adding more Phosphorous and Potassium to a nutrient solution does nothing for the plant. In order for addition P and K to provide any plant benefit we need to make these compounds biologically active. That means Phosphorous and Potassium need to be combined with other key complexes and Kreb cycle chelates in order for the plant to make use of the additional nutrients.Blossom Rocket does just that.

Blossom Rocket contains a whole array of advanced, natural compounds which allows plants to utilize additional Phosphorous and Potassium. Blossom Rocket contains one key Kreb Cycle activator found in NO OTHER product in the world. This ingredient alone set this product apart from all other on the Market. Blossom Rocket should be used throughout the flowering cycle and is generally used at a rate of 1 teaspoon (5ml) per 5 gallons of nutrient solution.


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