Brix Booster contains several proprietary organic compounds NOT FOUND IN ANY OTHER PRODUCT IN NORTH AMERICA which helps drive the Krebs cycle which will increase the brix in your plants. Bloom/Flowering/Budding Nutrient supplement. Brix Booster comes in a powder form.

Plants with lower brix readings are lower in quality, taste, mineral content and more vulnerable to insect and disease infestation.
High brix plants:

*Have greater carbohydrate levels.
*Have a greater vitamin, protein, and phytonutrient content.
*Mature faster, grow bigger and produce much higher quality plants that low brix plants.
*Produce fruit and vegetables with a longer shelf life than does low brix plants.
*High Brix plants are more tolerant of frost and low temperatures than low brix plants.
*We have had reports from commercial growers of dried herbs and organic tobacco that the dried weights of the plants are significantly greater because of the higher mineral content.

The proper application of Brix Booster to your plants will positively increase the Brix reading of your plants in one hour! Visible differences in plant growth and development are usually observed in 36-48 hours.


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